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The Historical Society holds a large archive of photographs and documents, including books, pamphlets and audio recordings.


Many of these have been donated by private individuals. Some are copies of material held by other institutions such as the Surrey History Centre or commercial companies.


When material is used, including on this website, every effort is made to identify and recognise the copyright owner but over the years, this information may not always have been recorded in our records. Please make contact using the form above if you feel that attribution has not been properly made.


If we receive enquiries for copies of material and we are aware of the copyright owner, we will notify the enquirer as appropriate.

If you would like to join the society, the membership is £8 per person for a year. Contact us via the contact form here and your application will be passed on to the membership secretary.


If you have an enquiry about the history of Bletchingley or the people who have been associated with it. please contact us via the form. Please note however that none of us are professionals and it may take some time to answer your question. If we think we do not have the resources or knowledge to answer your question, we will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible.

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General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) Information

  • What information do we collect and keep? 


Membership: Each season we collect and keep member’s name, electronic and postal address, contact preferences and membership payments. We do not collect anything else.


Archive information: On receipt of donated material, information is recorded regarding the donor and the content of the material. Additional research is also carried out on material in order to inform decisions on the legitimate activities of the Society.


Lectures: an audio recording is made of lectures given to the Historical Society, if agreed beforehand with the speakers. This may also contain audio recording of member’s comments made at that time.



  • Why do we keep it and what will we use it for?   


Membership: Information provided by members of the Historical Society (including Guest members) is used by the Society to maintain the database of members and to inform decisions on the legitimate activities of the Society and for notifying members of changes to published events. We also use it for direct marketing regarding the activities of the Society.


Archive Information: this information is used to aid historical & conservation research by both Historical Society members and non-members, to inform and prepare audio and written articles for both members and local media in line with the legitimate activities of the Historical Society


Lectures: as per Archive information.


All: The information is held in both electronic and manual formats. We do not share membership information with any other organisation or individual. The legitimate activities of the Society include anything to do with the running of an Historical and/or Conservation Society.


Our document GDPR 01/18 V1.0, available on request, includes the above and also contains information on the following subjects:

  • How long will we keep the information?

  • Can I see a copy of the information held by the Society?

  • How can I get my information amended (if incorrect) or removed from your records? 

  • How long does the information on this document last for?

  • How do I let the Society know that I am content for the Society to use my information in the manner described?

  • Contact Details: Any correspondence relating to GDPR (general policy or specific details should be sent to the General Secretary or by e-mail to Alternatively the Contact Form above can be used.

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